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After the firestorm I apparently set off by dissing Word, I feel like I might want to write a post talking about file formats, which are the villains behind a lot of incompatibility once you have feature parity.

Also, sorry I made Clippy cry, everyone.

The more people insist that real writers use Microsoft Word, the more my resolve to never use Microsoft Word hardens. (I have not owned a copy since Office 2000, and that only because it came with the last PC I bought.)

Long-term project: convincing people that the past tense of “sync” should be “sunc.”

I don’t expect great coffee from Starbucks, but I expect passable wifi. This is the first I’ve been to in a long time that (a) made a “cappuccino” so bad it’s just ten ounces of coarse foam on top of an espresso shot, and (b) has wifi so terrible I had to tether to my phone.

I am having a grilled cheese and crispy spam sandwich and I am not all that sorry about it

Raining off and on all day until I drove out of the SF Bay Area to blue skies. This feels more symbolic than it probably really is.

Feeling weirdly beat down today. No one thing, just a collection of small ones.

It’s been about a month and I still don’t recognize the new Slack icon as “Slack” when I go to look for it on my phone or iPad.

I’ve stuck with BBEdit for technical writing and general text wrangling (ahem), but for coding I’ve been pretty capricious. I think I’m (re-)settling on Sublime Text 3, though.

For the ones and ones of you who miss the original Coyote Tracks blog and would like a “just the articles” RSS feed like I used to have: now there is one!

Ladies and gentlemen of the class of 2019: use spellcheck. If I could offer you only one tip for the future, spellcheck would be it.

Switching my “savings account” auto-contribution from a Capital One 360 account to a Betterment Smart Saver account. This feels scarier than it probably is; I’ll try it for a few months and see if I’m comfortable with it.

Oh, hey. With’s new categories support, I think I can restore the RSS feed for “just long posts only” by making a category for them. (, there aren’t automatic feeds created for status posts vs. regular posts, are there?)

I am bad at self promotion, but it occurs to me to mention my weird animal-people magic realism short story “Saguaros” is eligible for an Ursa Major Award nomination.

Second beer of this visit: a double IPA beer called a “Michael Duble.” I presume it is brewed with stubbly but handsome hops with a smooth jazz influence.

Me: I wonder why I don’t get much done on weekends
Also me: why don’t I drive along the top of the Santa Cruz Mountains looking for snow, oh, why not go on to Half Moon Bay and down the PCH while I’m in the area

Saving for a special occasion, although the occasion will likely be “it is time to have some fine rum.”

It is possible I am making a foolish purchase involving rum.

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