I can’t guarantee my drink is more fun than yours, but it’s fun.

Saving for a special occasion, although the occasion will likely be “it is time to have some fine rum.”

I feel like this fortune cookie is reproaching me for something, but I’m not sure what

Trying a FitBag pouch for my iPhone XR rather than a case—Apple’s clear case is very good, but I’ve always preferred going caseless. But this is such a big, glass phone, so… shop.fitbag.de/classic-weinrot

One of my Christmas gifts is a refurbished Polaroid 600 instant camera.

In some ways the James Museum of Western & Wildlife Art itself is an exhibit.

Rosewood Sand Hill has a gingerbread Silicon Valley in the lobby, including Apple Park.

One of the most fun tiki bars in California, decked out for Christmas.

Pretty sure I was here once four years ago. It seems like a good day for a return visit!

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