Sure, I mean, there's no name more synonymous with "financial stability and honesty" than Goldman Sachs

Every time someone on stage at an Apple event says "private and secure," drink

Importing some old Medium articles to my I'm still proud of this one, inspired a bit by and on "The Talk Show" in 2016: (also, I need to fix my to Twitter crossposter)

Well, this is becoming an unexpectedly unquiet evening.

My server migration from Arch Linux to Ubuntu is finished. I love Arch in theory, but it went from “fiddly and exasperating” to “flaming poop balls” for me after they dropped official 32-bit support. (My Linode was old enough it was from the days 32-bit was recommended!)

Finally booting oh-my-zsh out of my zsh configuration, as I don’t really use its ten thousand features and plugins—I just need to duplicate a few favorites.

Independent donut shops have the worst coffee and I'm always weirdly obligated to get a small cup when I visit one

I’m having a Belgian-style strong ale at Eight Bridges Brewing in Livermore, brewed with cocoa nibs and raspberry puree. It’s honeslty more “strong ale” than “chocolate raspberry,” but it’s really interesting.

Blast & Brew, a competitor in the “build your own quick-fired pizza” space, has re-opened with full table service and a checklist for your pizza like The Counter’s for their burgers. Interesting.

Continuing to be annoyed that screenwriting apps I have access to insist on Courier or Courier Prime as their “typewriter” typeface. Yes, industry standard, blah blah—if it’s gonna be a PDF, let me use Triplicate, dammit. Most people won’t even be able to tell, but I will.

The weather forecast for the next week is sunny and increasingly warm, and I am so ready for temperatures in the high 70s.

In the interest of fairness, I do hope the White House invites Tim Apple's biggest rival, Fred Android, to a future meeting

Amoxicillin for the win. I hope. (Yes, yesterday I crossed the threshold where sinusitis can be reasonably assumed to be bacterial rather than viral. It is just as fun as it sounds!)

My good price on the car has been offset by being talked into an extended warranty because I was caught unprepared in spite of myself. Sigh. Checking if I can quietly cancel it without penalty.

I haven’t been this quickly and thoroughly hammered down by a cold in years. I’m not sure I can focus enough to even watch stupdi things on Netflix, let alone work from home.

After six months working on a Scrivener project regularly on both a Mac and an iPad: Scrivener’s syncing engine is the worst I have ever seen in production. Automatic syncing on Mac but manual on iOS (!), constant imaginary “conflicts,” no UI for manual resolution. Ugh!

Trying a Tom Bihn “minimal” wallet after decades of being a wallet maximalist. This will take some getting used to.

It’s become common wisdom that the iOS app ecosystem is wired and the macOS one is tired, but how many great iOS productivity apps have equally great macOS counterparts? How many started on the Mac, and/or have more features on the Mac? (N.B.: writing this on an iPad.)

Now that I am seriously moving toward replacing my car, I am getting maudlin about it, despite never being all that attached to this one.

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