I'm going to finally decommission this account and just be @chipotle on Mastodon. (I'm hoping I've disabled the Twitter crossposting via Moa, which is a little…let's say "fiddly." It's fiddly.)

This obituary for Gene Wolfe is one of the most brilliant, weirdly sweet articles I’ve read online in years. theringer.com/2019/4/25/185156

I’m going to have to put together my “Local’s Guide to downtown San Jose for WWDC” if I can, but here’s one secret: Haberdasher—which may be one of the best bars in the whole SF Bay Area—is right by the convention center. If you’re not looking for it, you may miss it.

After a long time of letting my Kindle Voyage lie around unloved, I’m rediscovering its joys, including sending long web articles to it via Instapaper.

Crazy idea: what if the next macOS has the Shortcuts app—and that app includes Automator actions?

It’s so much easier to say “anyone who disagrees with me must be ignorant or malevolent” than it is to say “maybe I was wrong, and I’m going to consider what others have told me.”

Having a cilantro-heavy salsa which I like. This doesn’t sound unusual, but I am one of the folks for whom cilantro usually tastes like soap. I don’t know what they did, but 👌

I can’t guarantee my drink is more fun than yours, but it’s fun.

It occurs to me that I might be seriously overthinking my todo list needs, and that Apple Notes might actually cover them. 🤔

I like Discovery, yet I can’t help but hope there’s going to be a new Star Trek series following the pre-Kirk Enterprise, starring Anson Mount, Ethan Peck, and the too-underused Rebecca Romijn. 🖖

I think I should go back to plain paper task tracking again, a la TaskPaper, but I wish there was an iOS client for that which worked like my brain did. Taskmator seems to make it unnecessarily complicated compared to, you know, editing text. Which is…supposed to be the point.

I’m always nervous about using my Kindle Voyage without a case, yet it feels so much better without one.

I should be working on either Office Stuff or Personal Stuff, but I think I am going to have this beer and read Deep Work for a while instead. It’s not as much that my brain needs a break as it needs a different kind of focus.

I’m debating whether to hold out for the Brydge Keyboard, or break down and buy Apple’s Smart Keyboard Folio. The former looks awesome and will shave a few ounces from my daily travel bag; the latter shaves off nearly a pound, though.

The system-wide dark mode on Mojave is becoming usable now that more apps (and even web sites!) are starting to support it.

Going back to my Code Keyboard with Cherry MX Green switches for a bit to see if my brain and fingers still work with this. It’s a lot quieter than I remember, at the least.

Despite not being fully sold on iA Writer, I’ve bought it on Mac and iOS, because it has a lot of Ulysses’ organization strengths while still just being pure Markdown files in regular folders. It also works gracefully with @ttscoff@twitter.com’s Marked 2 in a way Ulysses doesn’t.

I'm sure there's something more tiring than arguing with people about why furry publishers pay so little, but I can't think of it right now. (Bottom line: the bottom line. Nearly all of them pay 0.5–1¢ a word because they barely break even at that point; I'm not sure we've *ever* had a print anthology that could have sustained a 3¢/word pay rate.)

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