KDE Neon introduces Offline Updates: Updates that could affect your running system are not immediately applied, but held until you reboot. Like that, none of your apps will go wobbly just because its config file has been modified in the background.



@kde Doesn't this risk to make a windows-like user experience, with a pc which takes a long time to boot due to updates ?

@Tjiho @kde I'd imagine if that was a problem you'd just not enable it.

@Tjiho @kde

The Linux desktop motto is: Take the most shitty ideas and design faults from everywhere and combine them to something new.

Never fix the root causes (e.g. making the software just mature enough to not crash when stuff updates)!

Yes. However, it only does this for updates that could affect the running system. Any others are applied immediately.
Besides, I rather have a longer boot time than a wonky system with weird behavior and crashes because an update has been done.

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