I cant watch any more police violence videos, they make me so sick... but I don't want to ignore what's happening either...

@ShadyFennec so long as you're shouting out the voices that need to be heard, that's all that ya need to do.

i'm personally trying to pry my eyes away from twitter as much as i can just so i don't Absorb all this information, it's really overwhelming.

@ShadyFennec well, that and obv donate any resources you possibly can, but that's a given

@ShadyFennec Please take care of your mental health first. Doing your part isn't possible if your mental and emotional states aren't there to cope with what's going on, and should always your first priority anyway.
And you can still be aware of what's happening without watching videos of cops being cops.

Self care is important now as ever. It might feel selfish and like you're not doing enough. But making sure you can still be around in ok emotional shape is critical.

Stay safe.

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