me: tries to be serious and professional for my TODOs on my emacs org file

also me:

chinese post to train myself 

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Le gouvernement n'a pas d'idée mais des numéros verts

Voici de quoi vous aider pour savoir qui appeler, tout problème à sa s̶o̶l̶u̶t̶i̶o̶n̶ hotline.

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Hey, @ people who use screen readers/image descriptions:

Do you prefer long captions that describe every element of the image, or shorter captions that just cover the important/relative bits? or something else?

I'm trying to get better about writing image descriptions and wanna know what's most helpful/useful 😅

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i'm pretty sure the manager of the hotel I was staying at for the night is a cryptid

- you cannot look at him in the eyes
- speaks with a very sultry voice
- gets angry when you dare eat or drink something when you are not seated
- always speak of "contracts" and "obligations"
- seems to teleport whenever you don't look at him: how could he have gone from the kitchen to outside, which takes around 10 seconds if you runs, almost instantaneously?

tfw you're hungry but you assured to your bf that it's ok to not eat since they aren't hungry

"the weather was poggers today"
- me 2020

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face shields are useless (CoV) 

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Pay artists more than their commission prices challenge 2020

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Without going to change anything:
-Do you currently have in your bio or pinned toots in which country (not state or region, *country*) you reside?
-Do you live in the USA?

In Angoulême now. If you ever visit France and the Festival de la BD isn't happening, don't bother going to this city unless you have business in there. It sucks.

listening to an old man sing on his boat

in other news I'm in Bayonne right now, I'll be headed to Angoulême, Périgueux and Perpignan over the next week

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