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I guess I never posted an intro so here we are!

I'm Fen! I'm a computer science student from France. At the time I'm writing this, I'm looking to apply for a Ph.D in my university. I'm also a furry and an artist, and I sometimes take commissions.

I am non-binary, probably agender but I still don't use this label for myself so I just stay under the non-binary umbrella. My pronouns are they/them, but he/him are fine too.

I can speak French, which is my native language, as well as English, proficiently. I am currently learning Mandarin Chinese (I am a beginner still), and I know bits of Italian and Ancient Greek.

Politics wise, I'm obviously very left-wing, but I don't know exactly the term for my personal beliefs. Probably leaning towards anarchism and communism.

My research domain is NVRAM-related coherency problems in HPC contexts.

Feel free to follow me and talk to me, some people told me I look inaccessible/intimidating but really I'm just a little ball of stress and anxiety!!

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And my reference sheet is done! It's a lot of work but I think the workflow is good enough so that I can maybe take one ref commission in the future. It would be quite a bit more expensive though, seeing the amount of research, experimenting and time it takes. We'll see!

In any case, I really like what I did here, I finally have a ref for my fursona πŸ§‘β€‹

all warm and snoozie after shower

gonna crash in bed


me: i'm not sure i have adhd better not speculate

also me: takes 75 minutes to finally go take that shower I really want to take, after having watched a video on glassmaking, two dozen reddit posts, made 5 tweets and made tea



ordered a new mouse + pad, gonna retrieve it at the store tomorrow :>

antivax discourse 

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me: I should work on this project in my field

also me: *gets into glass blowing*

Idea: make a pizza shop in dwarf fortress. Have the cooks only cook meals with flour, tomato, buffalo cheese and a topping of your choosing

started planning (and yeah I wanted a volcano again I just love volcanos)

There would be many little meeting halls with food and drinks supplied with minecart delivery, and the different materials for workshop would also be delivered that way

A plan for a future Dwarf Fortress: a real city, with "shops", streets, ...

Each workshop has one or two bedrooms associated on the second floor, like an appartment, with a main street and windows

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