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I guess I never posted an intro so here we are!

I'm Fen! I'm a computer science student from France. At the time I'm writing this, I'm looking to apply for a Ph.D in my university. I'm also a furry and an artist, and I sometimes take commissions.

I am non-binary, probably agender but I still don't use this label for myself so I just stay under the non-binary umbrella. My pronouns are they/them, but he/him are fine too.

I can speak French, which is my native language, as well as English, proficiently. I am currently learning Mandarin Chinese (I am a beginner still), and I know bits of Italian and Ancient Greek.

Politics wise, I'm obviously very left-wing, but I don't know exactly the term for my personal beliefs. Probably leaning towards anarchism and communism.

My research domain is NVRAM-related coherency problems in HPC contexts.

Feel free to follow me and talk to me, some people told me I look inaccessible/intimidating but really I'm just a little ball of stress and anxiety!!

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And my reference sheet is done! It's a lot of work but I think the workflow is good enough so that I can maybe take one ref commission in the future. It would be quite a bit more expensive though, seeing the amount of research, experimenting and time it takes. We'll see!

In any case, I really like what I did here, I finally have a ref for my fursona πŸ§‘β€‹


bad thoughts 

feels like i'm doing the equivalent of a node js app using the latest hot framework

UGH !!! Why does a web framework + a template engine require 220 RUST CRATES ??????

I'm gonna try making a web interface for the project I'm working on right now, since rust GUI is non existant

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je vais aller dans un gros centre commercial cet aprèm on va voir s'ils mettent en place le pass sanitaire ou pas

sometimes I wonder if my aphantasia-induced way of thinking helped me become good at programming and logical planning in general

my gender? it's None'); DROP TABLE Users

hohoho i think my body is going to shut off in 20 minutes, making me sleep for 13 hours

My dwarf fortress legends parser is going well! Here's what you can write using the library. This code snippets prints all the historical event collections that are battles.

Fun linguistic facts: the old french word for fox was "goupil". The "Reynard the Fox" books were SUCH a hit in France that people started using "reynard" to refer to foxes, since it was usually believed that saying the actual fox noun would bring bad luck; this became to be the modern french word for fox: renard.

Imagine if the best selling book after the bible was Beastars and over the course of centuries people gradually forgot the word "wolf" and said "legoshi" instead

I have just been informed that Isengrim is Reynard's uncle. This may or may not affect my statement.

Reynard and Isengrim from the 12th century literary cycle "Reynard the Fox" are queer coded AND in love

This is basically serde's Deserialize proc macro derive except I wanted more control over how fields are parsed so I made it unnecessarily complicated and it makes release compilation last 30 seconds just for the derive

this is not a place of honor. no esteemed deeds are celebrated here.

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