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steam game awards, AKA where I want to nominate Hades in 4 different categories

me: *tries to sleep*

lizard brain: bunger bunger bunger bunger bunger

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It reminds me something that I read on twitter recently (don't remember who wrote it): one of the most shocking thing for someone not from the U.S going there is that U.S people think their experiences and their culture are universal.

there are STILL people from the U.S. surprised that they're the only one celebrating thanksgiving

Apparently some people made a 4 panel pictogram to warn about underground radioactivity but they accidentally made loss

just found a tumblr post that summarizes my entire experience with stuff to do

"bon mating chrisitneuh" dsl je peux pas

j'arrive vraiment pas à prendre les émissions ou la radio en français québécois au sérieux

I wish we had a truly gender-neutral pronoun that isn't the combination of he and she in French

because even though I highly prefer to be called they than he in English, I still have a hard time associating myself with iel (though I totally respect people who do, and it's a fantastic start to having pronouns outside of il and elle!!!)

Me: *talks about a person with non-binary pronouns*

My brain: now switch in French

Me [struggling to find the right words because everything is pointlessly gendered in French]: ... >:(

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