New blog post

Haven't posted in a while but my blog is actually the place where I don't shitpost

Part of me wants to be some kind of "consultant", but I don't want to be paid for it. Like, I want to have an excuse to make everyone seek out my opinions on things without worrying about whether or not I'll get paid for having stupid opinions.

I was trying to figure out what to set as a background for Tabliss, and along the way I managed to distill my entire aesthetic into a few gif tags...

h a r d b o i l e d
o r a n g e
j u i c e

Think about it.

Spoilers on how the rest of your life will go 

The fediverse is

Hey there

What are you doing later this fine evening?

There's something oddly enjoyable about posting things literally nobody reads

It's like writing a diary, except louder and less insightful

Here to advertise that I have a blog
so I can shitpost here and write pseudointellectual bullcrap there👍​

You know what feels super weird? When people talk about the place I live from a tourist perspective. It's like, "Oh wow look at this amazing landscape, look at that [geographically defining feautre]!" And I'm just like, idk, it looks like... land? The land kind of land? It's... nice, I guess?

Someone I know once gave me a whole bunch of useful links related to coding, and among these many extremely informative sites, there was one which was just puns about crabs.

Is there a programming language based on crab puns yet?

At least 3 strangers on trains have asked me to smell them. How far am I from the high score?

I once met a biomechanical engineering student

As much as he could talk about MRI machines, I couldn't convince him to admit to working in a secret cyborg laboratory

Now you may think, of course he doesn't! Well that's what they WANT YOU TO THINK. The name itself gives it away: biomechanical engineering, aka secretly works on cyborgs.
(do I have to write /s? I genuinely don't know)

when you scream into the void, does the void scream back?

Is synth pop a mood

because I feel very synth pop

A search engine which helps you find the answer that was hidden within you all along

1. Encode data in alphanumeric
2. Convert alphanumeric to ASL
3. Train a machine learning algorithm to sign ASL and export a live video recreation
4. Train a machine learning algorithm to transcribe sign language into text
5. Convert text as alphanumeric back to original encoding

If pizza is considered a pie in some places, and pie is considered a pastry, is pizza also a pastry?

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