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I think there is a way to hack this together, like maybe if I can get my RSS feeds into an IMAP-using mail server using a lil program on a personal server, then sort based on mail rules, it'd be my way out of these web RSS readers I'm trying to escape from. Rando-tech fiddling.

I'm liking the new Thunderbird. My Proton, Yahoo, Google & mail all in 1 spot, the tilde nntp news groups, a couple IRC channels even. Can't use it for RSS tho yet, because I need x-platform sync.

5 of these games were unreleased games from the "First Exposure" playtest hall. Definitely my most non-RPG GenCon so far, on the playing front. I guess 1 year with my friend Joe had a lot of HeroClix. We'll see if RPing goes up next year or if I'm all in on board games, etc. :-)

Overall I played 8 games at GenCon this year (plus some arcade games I'm not counting). Pretty OK amount. Blood Rune, WordSet, BullScript, Guilds of Bitalus, Never Bring a Knife, Fedora Noir, Death in Space, & a game that involved a barcode scanner & a very buggy python script.

Played a couple games in the playtest area today. Got my dice. This Top Secret/S.I. box was in too good a condition to let go. Also, this 2022 Supers RPG I'd never heard of from a Canadian father/son team. Oh, & we ate at a funky Edgar Allan Poe themed place. Groovy.

Hauling this "Welcome Home" sign & frame + shirts to the convention center in 94° temps granted me exclusive behind the scenes access! :-)

Feels good to not be working here at GenCon. Some friends are still driving in, another had to get dressed up and go to a work-related hobknob here. Meanwhile, I have ice & goods acquired from a nearby Dollar General. Also, 1st GenCon since the '90s I didn't drive to? Easy times.

The VGA, Serial & Parallel ports all get a thumbs down for "Use a screw to sloppily connect or disconnect me by feel in a cramped dusty tangled place you can't see" factor. In certain situations, their "This pin transmits this thing" old school simplicity gets a thumbs up though.

Going through old mails. Early 2004 mail from a gal from the Philippines I kinda knew as a regular on an IRC channel. She sent me a pic of her in the back of a truck w/her boyfriend & one of an ultrasound from 2 months earlier. She was into punk rock. Being young is so random.

Learning about how things are done feels like it is progress on getting things done. It's one of my favorite ways to waste time!

I guess they are an evolution of the old (though still existing) AOL, MSN and Yahoo! style landing pages (local ISPs used to have 'em too). Those sites feel kinda... mass market, ad-driven, Network Nightly News-ish. These custom pages were a step up I think.

Remember the era of these "Custom Home Page" sites? Way back I used a "My Yahoo!" page that got more ad loaded over the years. iGoogle (which Google killed, of course), igHome, Netvibes, and this one, Protopage.

In a real "mess around with my computer habits" mood lately. Play around with how much you can do sticking with the terminal aesthetic & workflow. Playing with VMs, etc. I like this weather app. You can just curl it, or use the web, a variety of ways to pull it up.

Characters drawn & named! Art (top): (bottom) me!

My gentle inclination is towards open source & self-hosted, but w/a lot of out-standing compromises. I'd still like to move away from Inoreader for RSS, maybe even LastPass for something eventually. Just inertia that has me sticking with a number of "good enough for now" things.

What is your desktop browser/plugin situation? I've been default Chrome, but now checking LibreWolf. Floccus for x-platform cloud bookmarks (to my personal Nextcloud in my case), Tabliss for fancy new tabs, LastPass for p/w management.

Nobody likes over an hour of driving + a 14 hour work day. But sometimes a thing must work & you're not done until it does. Oh well, I let a Snickers Ice Cream bar end the day on a better note, and will get up at 5-something to get in 1st thing to smooth over inevitable wrinkles.

Got an e-ink tablet for reading books today. Got half way thru Aesop's Fables so far. I kinda forgot how short they are. They are, like, joke length. I mean, a decent number of them are basically jokes I suppose. I'll see how well I take to some classics.

It's nice that we provide a courtesy phone at work. I think we had this same model when I was a kid 40 years ago on Duck Lake.

Regular vacation trip old comics purchase. Sitting around a family cabin & old comics just go together.

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