Skills fair day at work. Also flu shot. Also, surprise COVID booster available. Do it up, my arm can take it. After work? Trivia Night. Recently some HS exchange students have been showing up, even had their own trivia team last time.

In my browsers I have 317 bookmarks. Is that a lot, or not? Sometimes I read something that seems interesting or in some way important, so I bookmark it to try to keep ahold of it, as endless streams of posts flow through the internets, washing over me.

CNN reports that Ukraine has reclaimed maybe as much as a whole football field, maybe more!

It's funny reading music reviewers doing that history thing reviewing a classic album, then they say some small thing that makes you go "Hey, I was 17 when this album came out & I don't think this reviewer was born yet." - "He burned compilation tapes for his friends"

If the lost city of Singapore is "Michigan's Pompeii", then, I am left with questions as to what the Michigan town of Pompeii 10 miles from my house is. Is Jordan's Petra Michigan's Pompeii? How about Phnom Penh? A lot of levels here.

Had someone ask for my blessing to "build on my work" w/SF20 to make a retro-clone. I wrote, like, 6 pages of that thing. Blessing granted, for what it's worth. :-)

I like when an author/thinker wants to get across an idea & so writes a fictional dialogue with a convenient, suspicious student tossing questions. It's very "Harlem Globetrotters vs. the Generals" & can be weak, but I'm OK with the form. It has an easily digestible goofy charm.

Played some old Blake Stone. Theme does so much for me, and while Doom released a week later & was technically so much better... I kinda find tedious the hell, darkness, demons and horror thing so many FPSs of the era tended towards.

Happy 23rd birthday, Dreamcast! Since your last birthday, I got one of you with an SD card in place of the optical drive. Pretty groovy.

It's amazing how many bands' official web sites are trash. Missing pictures, no links to buy music, some artsy loading icon that never finishes loading a site, mostly empty WordPress templates, weird impersonal "pro" PR agency vibe for bands that can barely make a living, etc.

By silly, I think I mean like how light chat w/friends tossing around thoughts is one thing, and internet chats with strangers and a crowd reading along & typing posts is another, and the expected enjoyability returns are not the same. One does not substitute for the other, etc.

I almost entered debate mode over Athletics vs. Acrobatics in D&D 5e, & why they sometimes get confused, somewhat related to the question of if the 18 skills in the game are a good set, etc. Then I stopped. Why am I Ctrl-F-ing around? Certain impulses are just silly.

Completed "Agent A", a point'n'click puzzle/adventure game. It was decent, had a nice retro-spy style. Only a couple of times I was reminded that the genre is where the term "pixel bitching" comes from, & only towards the end.

I haven't decided if this is 2nd Saturday or 1st Sunday, but it's feeling it'll be a 2 Sunday weekend more than a 2 Saturday one. Sundays aren't that thrilling, but sometimes good prep can come out of 'em.

Ethereal harmonizing vox, Kim Thayil, Krist Novoselic & Matt Cameron. The lil "Let's throw a bar of 5/4 in there" chorus move. It's hitting on all the good bits of that particular '90s vibe.

Sure, it's making the rounds. Yeah, all of the comments are "I cried. I hope this sweet boy gets all of the corn for the rest of time." What else is there to say? It's corn.

I made a mutant Prairie Dog for "Mutants in the Now." Character creation felt a bit of a hassle (much like TMNT kinda is), but I like the results of it MUCH better than TMNT. He's a biologist, escaped from a Multinational Agricultural Agency. Martial art: Improvisational Panic.

Most frustrating work situation: "Help! Urgent issue!" Me: Did you put in a ticket? "No." Me: I'm here, can you show me, I don't have access to this system? "I'm too busy!" Me: I think I fixed it, can you confirm? "I dunno... if you say it's fixed I guess it's fixed." Seriously.

On my regular RPG forum they have a poll asking if your 1st RPG was D&D or something else. They seem to have diverse taste but lean Gen X, age-wise. It's basically 75% D&D 1st, 25% Something Else 1st, atm. For me it was TMNT 1st, Marvel Super Heroes 2nd, AD&D 3rd. 1st RPG played?

At my work they beat D&D with their plans to roll out "ONE Sparrow", an intranet that's supposed to compile everything you need into 1 place. It'll be the 4th or 5th intranet. I use a couple of 'em, because they all still exist. Corp branding is the same everywhere. :-)

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