CNN reports that Ukraine has reclaimed maybe as much as a whole football field, maybe more!

Happy 23rd birthday, Dreamcast! Since your last birthday, I got one of you with an SD card in place of the optical drive. Pretty groovy.

There were over 39,000 BBSs at their peak before the internet wiped 'em out. Only 3-400-ish mostly nostalgia-fueled ones today. Sometimes I log into one from New Zealand & ask myself "Who is this person from Rockford, MI?!?!" A message has been sent.

Played a couple games in the playtest area today. Got my dice. This Top Secret/S.I. box was in too good a condition to let go. Also, this 2022 Supers RPG I'd never heard of from a Canadian father/son team. Oh, & we ate at a funky Edgar Allan Poe themed place. Groovy.

Hauling this "Welcome Home" sign & frame + shirts to the convention center in 94° temps granted me exclusive behind the scenes access! :-)

The VGA, Serial & Parallel ports all get a thumbs down for "Use a screw to sloppily connect or disconnect me by feel in a cramped dusty tangled place you can't see" factor. In certain situations, their "This pin transmits this thing" old school simplicity gets a thumbs up though.

Going through old mails. Early 2004 mail from a gal from the Philippines I kinda knew as a regular on an IRC channel. She sent me a pic of her in the back of a truck w/her boyfriend & one of an ultrasound from 2 months earlier. She was into punk rock. Being young is so random.

Remember the era of these "Custom Home Page" sites? Way back I used a "My Yahoo!" page that got more ad loaded over the years. iGoogle (which Google killed, of course), igHome, Netvibes, and this one, Protopage.

In a real "mess around with my computer habits" mood lately. Play around with how much you can do sticking with the terminal aesthetic & workflow. Playing with VMs, etc. I like this weather app. You can just curl it, or use the web, a variety of ways to pull it up.

Characters drawn & named! Art (top): (bottom) me!

What is your desktop browser/plugin situation? I've been default Chrome, but now checking LibreWolf. Floccus for x-platform cloud bookmarks (to my personal Nextcloud in my case), Tabliss for fancy new tabs, LastPass for p/w management.

It's nice that we provide a courtesy phone at work. I think we had this same model when I was a kid 40 years ago on Duck Lake.

Regular vacation trip old comics purchase. Sitting around a family cabin & old comics just go together.

3+ miles of rowing, mail delivery, Free Comic Book Day, sunny skies, Street Fighter roleplaying. Spending a Willpower to make sure my Bollywood dancing moves were on point. Yesterday was a success.

I mostly don’t play brand new vid-games these days, but something about CP2077’s “In the future, you will have a line across your face & get a removable jaw/throat made of metal, & we will show folks w/their jaws off a lot” aesthetic seems… silly? Try hard? Unlikely? Dunno…

After making a character I had to buy a physical copy. Space opera goodness. Everybody gets their own ship. The “classes” are card suits, the levels are card ranks. Money is called “Chips.” Roll attributes, choose 3 skills, go! I dunno, it’s just fk’n rad.

I’ve seen bits and pieces of Hallmark Channel Christmas movies over the years, but wow! You’ll see this picture and it will give you thoughts. That is all.

“An The Maker” is an 18 y/o German student who made a MySpace clone: SpaceHey. This is silly and fun. I mean, do I need to sign up really? Did I need to make a site on GeoCities clone NeoCities? No. But maybe.

Prepping for this “New Year, New Character” RPG thing, looks like I’ll do a bonus week and do 38 characters (in 38 systems). Damn… Anyways, here’s a solid hint as to one of the games on the schedule. I love fictional apocalypses that arrive in years current or past.

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